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Larson Software Technology has developed CGM graphics products and Development Kits (SDK’s) for over 30 years. We provide software solutions for various industry types including: Aerospace & Defense , Oil & Gas, Automotive and General Manufacturing.

Our VizEx product portfolio includes:
- a family of CGM viewing technologies,
- a fully featured CGM Editor and
- data conversion tools to transform your graphics production process.

The Software Development community can leverage Larson’s industry leading (SDK’s) including CGM; Plug-ins, Libraries, Converters and Generators.

Larson CGM products provide compliance to International Defense & Aerospace specifications S1000D and ATA iSpec 2200. The support of numerous CGM profiles, including MIL-D-28003A developed by the US DOD and CGM*PIP used by the Oil & Gas Industries. Larson also provides support for, WebCGM, a W3C standard, enabling the display of technical graphics in Web environment.

Larson, we are the CGM Experts, contact us today.

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