VizEx View ACTIVEX is a Larson CGM Viewer, harnessing the power of Microsoft's COM and ActiveX technology; including Visual Basic, MFC, .Net and Internet Explorer.

Viewer functions include zoom, pan, page up/down/left/right, and print.

Features: -Full WebCGM 2.0 DOM, A JavaScript API and event model for programmatically interacting with graphical and non-graphical picture elements. For example, in Javascript identify a user click on a hotspot then change the color of a line or text element. This plus many other useful functions that enable development of applications such as Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals or Illustrated Parts Catalogs.

-Supports functionalities of hyper linking and document navigation, picture structuring and layering, and enabling of search and query of WebCGM content.

- Support XML Companion File for externalization of non-graphical metadata for   easier metadata management (link, screen tips....)

-Compliant with WebCGM 2.0 S1000D profile

-Toolbar for added user interaction: scale, zoom, pan, show hotspots

-Menu right-click menu provides text search in addition to scale, zoom, pan, show hotspots functions.


Visual Basic & JavaScript leverage our SDK with VB or Java Scripting in HTML documents, providing a powerful tool for developing Web graphics applications.

Platforms: Windows XP, Win 7, 8 and 10, 32 and 64 bit
Input: CGM V1-V4
Profiles: ATA, PIP, S1000D, and WebCGM