CGM Writer™

Print to a CGM file from Windows XP, Vista, & 7 Software Applications

Simple and seamless, CGM Writer works with your File - Print menu. Select CGM Writer as your "printer;"  then choose your settings from the Properties dialog, choose your directory to place the CGM file, and you are done.

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Output CGM drawings from popular Applications:

  • ArcGIS, AutoCad, MicroStation, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, etc...

Output CGM graphs, logs, & maps from Desktop Applications:

  • Excel, Illustrator, PowerPoint, PhotoShop, etc...

Technical Specifications

- Text as graphics, minimizes CGM font issues.
- Unicode support for international language character sets.
- Trim Whitespace automatically crops file to image area.
- Custom paper sizes are supported.
Licenses: Network
Platfoms: Windows: XP, Vista & 7
Output: CGM V3-V4, & WebCGM files