Larson Since February 1984 - We are the CGM and SVG Experts

Larson Software Technology develops powerful, innovative CGM and SVG graphics software, based on open standards. Our technology simplifies the graphics workflow for Technical Publications Professionals, Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists. In fact, anyone who creates, prints and displays technical graphics.

Graphics Exchange & Open Standards

In today's world, fast developing technology products often outlast the technical solutions used to design, manufacture and support them. The solution is to adopt open international standards to enable seamless transfer of data and associated attributes from one system to another and from one product development cycle to another. International open standards ensure that long product life cycles, often over 50 years, can be supported.

ISO Computer Graphics Metafiles

CGM frees your information from the constraints of proprietary formats and vendor-specific applications. Larson is committed to the transfer of graphic data via the CGM standards. All Larson products are built around the Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) standard that has been adopted across many industries, such as Air Transport, Defense, Automotive, and Petroleum Exploration, as the defined standard for exchanging 2D drawings, maps, logs and seismic sections, to technical illustrations.

Promoting CGM and SVG Usage

Larson enables intelligent graphic exchange with our entry level viewer, VizEx Reader, professionals worldwide can exchange drawings, maps, logs and seismic, without relying on proprietary formats. In addition, Larson is one of the leading proponents of the WebCGM standard, which provides for the implementation of intelligent technical graphics for Web Applications. Larson has also written a draft profile for SVG, 'TECH SVG' provides a standard method of writing and reading SVG files.