Larson's Partners

The names below are companies that benefit from partnering with Larson Software. Read on and learn how Larson Software may help your company.

  • Actify
    Larson provides the CGM Viewer library for Actify’s CAD Import
  • Eagle
    Larson provides Raytheon Eagle with CGM, SVG and 3D viewing technology
  • Halliburton
    Halliburton uses Larson software in its INSITE software to create CGM files and for viewing logs in CGM & TIFF format.
  • HP Global Solutions
    Larson provides solutions for HP DesignJet & LaserJet printers. Larson has partnered with HP JetCAPS to produce a CGM printing module for HP LaserJet printers.
  • Hico
    Larson provides CGM technology integrated in Hico's software solutions.
  • ISS
    Larson provides Integrated Support Systems with CGM and 3D viewing technology
  • Lexco Data Systems
    Larson provides the TIFF log viewer used in Lexco's OWL system.
  • PTC
    Larson supplies a CGM to Image library used in Arbortext CSDB for S1000D
  • SAP
    SAP use Larson's CGM Technology in SAP's Visual Enterprise Author and Viewer
  • Schlumberger
    Larson provides an integrated CGM+ plotting solution for Schlumberger Geoscience applications.
  • Star AG
    Larson supplies a CGM Viewer library used in Star AG's technical publishing system.