Production Graphics Suite

The Larson Production Graphics Suite provides quality CGM files compliant to international specifications. The use of CGM protects your investment in data and the software tools utilized to create, edit and deploy the graphical information. The Larson organization has over 30 years’ experience with CGM data, in fact we founded our company based on the file format. The Production Graphics Suite provides everything you require to create and graphically maintain a CGM Archive. The suite comprises of three software components, VizEx Transform, VizEx Edit and VizEx View.

VizEx Transform, provides the capability to cost effectively convert your high value graphical assets to a single CGM instance for managing, editing and publishing. The application provides the functions to manage the whole process using an intuitive user interface.

VizEx Edit, is the CGM graphics editing software enabling the modifications of illustrations and the maintenance of interactive elements, in other words hotspots.

VizEx View, enables the delivery of CGM graphics in different environments including IETP’s (Interactive Electronic Technical Publications), web browsers, Chrome, IE and the iPad.

The CGM Vision

The Production Graphics Suite is a state of the art CGM solution offered by Larson Software. The CGM Eco System is the ideal strategy to cost effectively manage your technical graphics archive. The best comparison to this CGM strategy is the management of XML textual information. XML data has the structure and flexibility to manage and publish from a single instance of the file. This strategy can also work in the graphics environment using the CGM format. CGM has similar properties to XML, it does have a structure more commonly known as a profile. This means the CGM file has attributes that can be checked and validated. The CGM file is also interoperable meaning it can be used for various purposes and with differing software applications. The advantages and benefits of using a single instance of an electronic file are proven. Performance will be improved of the whole graphics management system, configuration and revision control, publishing both hard copy and electronically. Larson enables a CGM Eco System with robust and reliable technologies and unrivalled expertise. We not only provide software but also share our expertise with consultancy with respect to generating, managing and deploying your technical graphics. To learn more about CGM request our comprehensive White Paper, you will discover how your business can benefit by implementing a CGM strategy and the Larson software solutions enabling this vision.

The CGM Eco System
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CGM Whitepaper