Software Development Kits for CGM

With over 30 years experience in CGM development, Larson is ideally positioned to meet your CGM development needs. Larson is active in CGM standards committees for the petroleum (CGM PIP) and air transportation industries (ATA CGM), and played a key leadership role in the development of the WebCGM a W3C standard.

In addition, Larson is a founding member of CGM Open, an organization dedicated to the concept of graphic exchange through the use of the CGM open standard. CGM Open is a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Developer Solutions:

VizEx View ActiveX provides the power of the Larson VizEx Viewer within the software component framework defined by Microsoft's COM and ActiveX technology.
This includes Visual Basic, MFC, Internet Explorer, and other environments, which support COM components.

VizEx View C++ is for developers who need to display CGMs in Linux and Windows applications.

VizEx View iOS is for developers who need to integrate CGM viewing in a Apple iOS applications

VizEx View HTML5 enables the platform independent viewing of CGM files in a web environment in any HTML5 compatible browser

Convert CGM to Image to popular raster formats such as: GIF, JPEG, PDF, & TIFF. It provides programming control of the compression, bits per pixel, scaling, gamma, resolution (dpi) and rotation.

Convert CGM to Vector to vector formats such as: SVG, PDF, & EPS. It provides programming control of scaling, line width, and color.

EMF to CGM Converter enables Windows applications to easily output high quality CGM files from the Windows Enhanced Metafile.

CGM Objects C++ Library is a C++ library for reading, writing, manipulation and vizualization (optional) of CGM files.

CGM Generator Library is a set of 'C' functions for writing CGM files. The library is comprised of one (1) function corresponding to each CGM element of the ISO CGM Standard ISO 8632:1999.

Our SDKs are the leading CGM development tools on the market today.
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