Easily convert 3D CAD models to quality technical illustrations

VizEx Edit 3D is the powerful extension for VizEx Edit Plus, enabling the conversion of 3D CAD models. Convert STEP, IGES 3D Models to quality 2D vector graphics. Following conversion export as S1000D and ATA compliant illustrations, Additionally, export to all supported VizEx Edit formats, including SVG.
VizEx Edit 3D also supports the export of 3D files, the formats are designed specifically for the publication of the 3D data electronically in popular web browsers.

VizEx Edit 3D Videos:
Product Overview
Transparency Function
Cutaway Function

VizEx Edit 3D - Benefits and Features:

  • Easily import 3D models:
    VizEx Edit 3D supports the import and conversion of STEP and IGES CAD models.
  • Transform 3D model to the required view:
    You can manually select the view or select one of the isometric presets.
  • Model Tree: The tree view shows the 3D model structure, this includes assemblys, sub-assemblys, and parts.
  • Assembly selection: Select an assembly from the model tree view. Isloate the assembly from the main model to continue work.
  • Explode the model: Automatically explode the model using our unique slider, require more control, explode the model manually.
  • Transparency: Select individual components of an assembly, change their color, and control the level of transparency.
  • Sectioning: Create Cutaway illustrations using the versatile sectioning function.
  • Convert to 2D: When the required view is determined, convert using the HLR (Hidden Line Removal) option.
  • Quality Conversion: The converted file can be edited, call-outs and hotspots can be added, saved in various formats, including SVG and PDF.
  • S1000D and ATA compliance: Save as a CGM with the S1000D and ATA profiles.
  • 3D Export: Save 3D models in open and robust file formats, including X3D, the XML based format, and GLTF the lightweight 3D format.

VizEx Edit 3D provides access to critical engineering data.

Technical Specifications

3D Input:  STEP, IGES and VRML
2D Output: CGM, JPEG, PNG, BMP
3D Output: X3D, GLTF, GLB, VRML
Subscription License Types: Desktop and Network