Productivity for your Desktop

VizEx GeoTech View anyTiff or CGM file quickly and reliably. Supports all TIFF compression types and CGM extensions as well as the the Petroleum Industry profiles and provides additional features for the Geo Professional

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  • Print and Save mulitple logs side by side (no longer limited to screen print window)
  • View Multiple Files for comparisons. Lock-Scroll feature allows smooth scrolling of multiple images at once, allowing you to correlate seismic and well logs.
  • Markup tools - Simple to use tools for annotation, highlighting, and labeling with
    Geological symbols.
  • Splicing sections - Select multiple sections of well log to "join" or concatenate
    into a single image.
  • Format conversion - Convert CGM, TIFF, DWG and EMF files to formats compatible with
    desktop applications.
  • Print - Print via Microsoft-compliant printers. Advanced printing features include scaling to width, while keeping separate control of vertical scale. Highly optimized for printers that support banner feed pagination.

RIP Option (Larson Continuous Printing add-on):

  • Continuous printing of large/long files with Larson's famous RIP technology.
    Print faster and more reliably than the Windows printing system. Plots can be
    hundreds of feet long, avoiding print driver and printer RAM limitations.
  • Fast - Fast print processing, making your team more productive.
  • Accurate - Perfectly scaled, high resolution output.
  • Efficient - Maximize your "printing time." More prints per day. Printers are busy
    printing, not busy rasterizing files!
  • Extra Long Printing - No problem! Large Drawings, Seismic, and Well Logs are
    often hundreds of feet long. The RIP option handles long prints with ease.
  • Easy - No need to mess with custom page sizes. Just select a printer, and the RIP
    option determines the exact size and automatically cuts the paper. No wasted paper!

VizEx GT is the perfect desktop productivity tool for users of: Kingdom, Landmark, Geoquest, Petra and Petrel.

Comparison of VizEx Pro to VizEx GT
Feature VizEx Pro VizEx GT
Multi-file View No Yes
Scroll-lock View No Yes
Splice tool No Yes
X Long Printing Optional Optional
File Conversion Yes Yes
Mark-up (red-lining) Yes Yes
Measurement Tool Yes Yes
Cropping Tool Yes Yes
Annotation Yes Yes

Technical Specifications

Licenses: Desktop & Network
Platform: Windows 7, 8 & 10, Server 2008 and later
Profiles: PIP, CGM+
RIP Option: Print extra long & large files with the Larson RIP Option.
Output: CGM, JPEG, PNG, & TIFF
Plotters: Canon, HP, OCE, OYO, & Xerox
Printer: Canon, HP, i-Sys, Neuralog and others

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