Transform common file formats to quality CGM, SVG and PNG files

VizEx Transform is a truly unique application enabling the transformation of multiple graphical data formats into CGM and SVG in one simple to use interface. The application also has the ability to add hotspot information to the CGM and SVG graphics during the transformation process. This is performed using a batch process saving time and money.

Demo Video

Transform Image files
Common image formats such JPEG, PNG, TIFF and BMP are transformed into the CGM and SVG formats. CGM and SVG are commonly thought of as a vector formats, however, both include the support for embedded raster files.

  • Supports Raster to Raster CGM and SVG conversion
  • Options for file compressions, image quality, grayscale, size (pixels, inches, metric)
  • Advanced features include color swapping, convert to monochrome

Transform DWG and DXF files
Transform CAD files from the engineering department and successfully reuse of existing data without the loss of graphics quality.

  • Supports "Model" and "Paper" space options
  • Pen weight values are supported and mapped to the CGM file.
  • Options for arcs, ellipses, polylines, and scaling control.
  • Control individual layers by turning off selected layers. For example turn off title block, extract desired text for specific languages.
  • Convert colors to monochrome

Transform PDF files
This graphics transformation eliminates the requirement to re-author or redraw existing illustrations in the PDF format. The same technology can also be used to convert from popular graphics software not providing output to CGM and SVG, but do output in PDF or EPS.

  • Convert a multiple page PDF document into separate CGM files.
  • Choose individual pages of a PDF document to be converted.
  • Scale line widths

Automatically create intelligent CGM and SVG graphics
Larson’s VizEx Transform automates the creation of hotspot information in CGM and SVG files during the conversion process.

  • Identify text based on characteristics including minimum and maximum digits, minimum and maximum height. For more powerful text filtering specify characteristics with regular expression (regex).
  • Option to output hotspot information to a file in CSV format so you can add user application, which refer to databases, or add screen tip text and URL links.
  • Raster option allows you to take TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and CALS raster files and automatically recognize callouts and then convert them to CGM Version 4 and SVG with hotspots. "Smart raster text recognition" algorithm that separates text from graphics so the text strings can be OCR identified for hotspotting.

Technical Specifications

Platforms: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Optional Input: SVG, DWG, DXF, PDF, AI, EPS
Output: CGM V4, WebCGM, SVG, PNG