The VizEx View 3D SDK (Software Development Kit) enables the seamless integration of GLTF and GLB 3D files in a web environment. There is no plugin required, the 3D technology has been specifcally developed for the technical publications market. We have used the S1000D specifcation as a primary guideline for functionality.

Click to view. VizEx View 3D Live Demo - Illustrated Parts Data

The VizEx View 3D technology easy to integrate, evaluate today, request above. We provide you with integration examples, and the complete API documentation.

Key Benefits:
• Quickly and easily, implement 3D viewing in your IETM and CSDB solution
• Operates in any Browser: IE 11, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari
• Developed aligned to S1000D 3D viewer guidelines
• Mobile Friendly: Provides mobile 3D viewing on iPad, Android tablets and smartphones
Click the image below to see the actual 3D viewer.
VizEx View 3D SDK provides the ability to integrate the technology into your technical publications deployment solution. We provide the API documentation and example code based on relevant industry applications. The toolkit is supported by our experienced team, assisting you through the implementation process. Also available, various licensing options enabling the provision of the technology to the end user.


• Support for the open GLTF format, a lightweight 3D file format

• GLTF supports the addition of annotations and hotspots

• Link 3D viewer to external data, for example spare parts list

• View and control animated GLTF files

Supported Browsers: IE (11 or later), Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera.
Display 3D file formats: GLTF and GLB

License required for 3D viewer distribution.