VizEx View™

Family of Viewers for deploying CGM

Distribute your CGM graphics easily to co-workers, customers, partners and suppliers with Larson?s world leading CGM viewing technology. VizEx View is comprised of various products each designed to deliver quality CGM files the customer can rely on.

VizEx View Plugin for Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers
Larson provides technology for the support of CGM in all major internet browsers for both Windows and Linux (Firefox only). The support of CGM is comprehensive and easy to implement

  • Toolbar for added user interaction: scale, zoom, pan, show hotspots.
  • Right-click menu provides text search in addition to scale, zoom, pan, show hotspots functions.
  • Supports hyperlinking and document navigation, picture structuring and layering, and enabling of search and query of WebCGM content.
  • Support XML Companion File for externalization of non-graphical metadata for easier metadata management e.g. link, screen tips.
  • Supports Open-Type and True-Type fonts
  • OpenGL is utilized on Linux for fast and accurate graphics rendering.
  • Full support for the WebCGM 2.0 DOM, a JavaScript API and event model for programmatically interacting with graphical and non-graphical picture elements. For example, identifying a user click on a hotspot then changing the color of a line or text element.
  • Embed CGMs in HTML document, with either an OBJECT tag or via the JavaScript API.

VizEx View C++
This product includes an easy to use C++ library for Windows and Linux developers looking to support CGM in their application(s). The VizEx View C++ Library Software Development Kit includes sample code, documentation and the object code library (.DLL or .SO on Linux), both which you can utilize with your C++ applications.

VizEx View iOS
The distribution of technical documentation on tablet devices is becoming very important. The ability to deploy CGM files on iOS is now possible with this Larson product. VizEx View iOS enables delivery of quality native CGM graphics including all the functionality you would expect on other platforms.