The VizEx View HTML5 technology enables the seamless delivery of CGM files in a web environment. The requirement to install an ActiveX control, commonly called plugins, to view CGM files is over! The VizEx View HTML5 technology is a game changer and reinforces Larson's market leadership in the development of CGM related products.

So how does it work? The technology is entirely web-based. As a result, the implementation is very straightforward compared to an ActiveX control. The implementation is achieved by a Javascript Library that reads and renders CGM files. The Javascript Library can be hosted by Larson, on your servers or locally on a standalone machine.

Key Benefits:
• No installation required:
• Operates in any Browser: IE 11, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari
• Mobile Friendly: Provides mobile CGM viewing on iPad, Android tablets and smartphones

VizEx View HTML5 Toolkit provides the ability to integrate the technology into your technical publications deployment solution. We provide the documentation and example code based on relevant industry applications. The toolkit is supported by our experienced team, assisting you through the implementation process. Also available, various licensing options enabling the provision of the technology to the end user.

The end-user requires access to the viewer technology to display the CGM files. To support this requirement Larson has designed a comprehensive licensing model, satisfying all deployment scenarios. The available options range from standalone devices through to enterprise solutions. We will also provide an upgrade path to existing VizEx View customers, enabling cost-effective migration to the new technology.

Why not try out the Larson CGM viewing technology, nothing to install, see below.


• Full WebCGM 2.1 DOM , A JavaScript API and event model for programmatically interacting with graphical and non-graphical picture elements. For example, in Javascript identify a user click on a hotspot then change the color of a line or text element. This plus many other useful functions that enable development of applications such as Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals or Illustrated Parts Catalogs.

• Compliant with WebCGM 2.1 and S1000D profile

• Toolbar customizable for added user interaction: scale, zoom, pan, show hotspots

• WebGL is utilized for fast GPU accelarated and accurate graphics rendering.

JavaScript API reference documentation

Browsers: IE (11 or later), Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera.
Input: CGM V1-V4, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF 6.0
Profiles: ATA, PIP, S1000D, and WebCGM 2.1

License required for use or distribution with Developer's application.