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License Models

Desktop License

A desktop license provides usage to a single user on a single machine. The license issued will only function upon the machine where the software was originally installed.

The desktop license model is good if you only need a product for one person, or if you have several people who need their own dedicated copy that will be available to them at all times.

Network License

A network license is a shareable license, and can be used across multiple workstations. The number of licenses purchased determines how many concurrent users can exist. For example, if 2 network licenses are purchased for one of our desktop applications, there can be any two users executing the software at the same time. If a third user tries to use the software, it will be unavailable until one of the current users exits the program.

This license model requires one server/workstation to be responsible for running our license server. The workstations will check out a license from this server when a user launches the purchased application.

This network license model is good if you need one of our products for multiple users, especially if the individual users do not require non-stop dedicated access to the program.

Server License

A server license pertains to products being used as a server application as opposed to a desktop application.

For example, our CGM Print Server is a dedicated enterprise wide print solution that runs on one server.

Our converters and CGM HotSpotter can also be used in a server capacity. This typically applies to scenarios where our converters or HotSpotter are being integrated into a larger server process that runs batch jobs. In this scenario, we have command line versions of these products that facilitate the process.