CGM Viewer Library - API


  • Draw(bool erase = true) : Draw current picture.
  • LRect& GetClientRect() : Get window coordinates in client coordinates
  • enum Mapping GetMapping() : Get current coordinate mapping
  • wstring GetPicturePath() : Get current picture file path
  • double ViewerApi::GetZoomFactor() : Get current zoom factor
  • bool HitTest(LPoint point, APSInfo *info = NULL) : Test for specified point over a hotspot.
  • LRect ScrollView(LPoint &offset) : Scroll the view by offset in client coordinates
  • void SetClientRect(LRect &clientWindow) : Set window in client coordinates
  • void SetMapping(enum Mapping iMapping) : Set mapping of picture (VDC) extent to
            client rectangle
  • void SetPicturePath(wstring filePath) : Set picture file path. Opens the picture file and
            loads it into memory.
  • void SetWindow(HWND window) : Set target window (Windows)
  • void SetWindow(Display display, Window window) : Set target window (Linux OS)
  • void ShowAllHotspots() : Highlight all hotspots
  • void ZoomArea(LPoint& downpt, LPoint& uppt) : Zoom to a rectangular area.
  • void ZoomPercent(double newzFactor, bool redraw = true) : Zoom to specified scale factor