CGM & TIFF Viewer

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Exchange your drawings, graphs, logs, maps, and seismic sections with your coworkers, customers, partners, suppliers, and technicians.

Exchanging CGM and TIFF files electronically: via email, CD/DVD, or a web server; saves time, and reduces document printing and delivery costs.

  • CGM - High Resolution & Scalable! CGM files are typically vector based, so viewing speeds are faster than raster images. Image quality is superb, especially when viewing
    in a "Zoom" mode.
  • CGM & Profiles: VizEx Reader supports the ISO binary CGM standard versions 1-4,
    and Industry specific profiles such as Seismic+, Petroleum PIP, Air Transport ATA,
    Mil-Spec 1000-D, and WebCGM.
  • TIFF - large image files, No Problem! VizEx will handle the large and long image
    files often found in drawing and well log archives.

Corporate Subscription of VizEx Reader- License to distribute within an enterprise is available for Server and the IE Plugin without splash screen, and forced update.  

Technical Specifications

Licenses:  Personal Subscription;  Corporate Subscription
Platforms: Windows 7, 8 & 10, Server 2008 and later
Input:  CGM V1-4 & TIFF; 
Profiles: CGM+, PIP, S1000D & WebCGM