Convert vector PDF files to CGM files

Convert vector PDF files to CGM files. A high quality converter that will convert PDF text, paths, and image elements to vector CGM files. Suitable for use in geo-technical applications.

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Data Sheet:

Benefits - PDF to CGM converter eliminates the need to re-author or redraw illustrations that already exist in PDF format. Also useful for converting from graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator that output PDF, but do not output a CGM file.

Features: Convert PDF to CGM

  • Convert Single or Batches of files - saving you time!
  • Split pages into separate CGM files.
  • Line width scaling options.
  • Select which pages to convert.

Geo Option:

  • Combine (stitch) pages into a single, seamless CGM file.  Handy for converting well logs.

Available for Windows environments

  • Desktop Version - works on your Windows workstation. Offers an easy to use interface, users simply choose CGM files for conversion, then select the output formats, and the directory for the newly formatted files.
  • Server Version - The Server version operates in command line mode with control parameters, so you can "automate and configure" your conversion work-flow.
  • Network Compatible - for easier digital asset management on your workstations,
    servers, or storage arrays.


Technical Specifications

Licenses: Desktop, Floating, Server.
(Server versions are "command line" executables, providing flexible integration for your work flow requirements.)
Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Linux.
Input: PDF, AI or EPS
Output: CGM v3-v4
Profiles: CGM+, PIP, S1000D and WebCGM