If you've tried our Free VizEx Reader, then check out the
enhanced functionality you get with VizEx Professional.

  • Faster viewing speed, without delays, saving you time & money.
  • Enhanced Mark-up features with measuring tools. No need for expensive technical illustration software.
  • Format conversion - Fast print processing, making your team more productive.
  • Browse - Quickly browse whole folder of files with Next/Previous button.
  • Accurate - Perfectly scaled, high resolution output.
  • Efficient - Maximize your "printing time." More prints per day. Printers are busy printing, not busy rasterizing files!
  • Extra Long Printing - No problem!  The RIP option handles long prints with ease.
  • Easy - No need to mess with custom page sizes. Just select a printer, and the RIP option determines the exact size and automatically cuts the paper. No wasted paper!

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Data Sheet:

Put the leading CGM and TIFF viewer to work on every Professional's desktop.

Comparison of VizEx Reader to VizEx Professional
Feature Free VizExReader VizEx Pro
View Speed Delay Fast
Printing sizes A-J A, B (A4,A3) only All sizes
File Conversion No Yes
Mark-up (red-lining) No Yes
Measurement Tool No Yes
Cropping Tool No Yes
Annotation No Yes
Hotspot Tool No Yes
Callouts Tool No Yes

Technical Specifications

Licenses: Desktop & Network
Platform: Windows 7, 8 & 10, Server 2008 and later
Input: CGM V1-4, TIFF, DWG, DXF, EMF
Profiles: ATA, CALS, S1000D & WebCGM
RIP Option: Print extra long & large files with the Larson RIP Option.
Output: CGM, JPEG, PNG, & TIFF