Exchange Drawings, Maps, and Schematics into CGM files

Convert Image is a flexible and easy solution for converting scanned Drawings to the CGM format. CGM is commonly thought of as a vector format, but CGM V3 includes support for raster files.

If you need to exchange graphics in the CGM format, Convert Image to CGM will solve that work-flow with a minimum of fuss.

Advanced features include color swapping, compression for monochrome images, and batch conversion. Server versions include access to the command-line interface for automated conversion.

Convert Image to CGM Features

  • Convert Single or Batches of files - saving you time!
  • Raster to Raster Conversion.
  • DPI - dots per inch resolution control.
  • Options for compressions, image quality, grayscale, Size (pixels, inches, metric), Aspect Ratio, Gamma, and Rotation.

Available for Windows and Linux environments

  • Desktop Version - works on your Windows workstation. Offers an easy to use interface, users simply choose CGM files for conversion, then select the output formats, and the directory for the newly formatted files.
  • Network Version - the standalone license will float between multiple computers.
  • Server Version - operates in command line mode with control parameters, so you can "automate and configure" your conversion work-flow.

Technical Specifications

Licenses: Desktop, Network (Floating), Server.
(Server versions are "command line" executables, providing flexible integration for your work flow requirements.)
Platforms: Windows 7, 8, 10 and Linux.
Output: CGM V1 & V3, WebCGM
Profiles: ATA, CALS, S1000D & WebCGM

Need to View CGM files? Consider our VizEx Reader software, so you can QC your files after the conversion process. VizEx Reader